Engio is a joint initiative between the NASSCOM Foundation and ACM, DBIT. It was attended by the NASSCOM foundation VP Brett Sedgewick. NASSCOM ‘s Engio event was organized in the first week of October on account of the ‘Joy of Giving’ week. ACM DBIT members actively took part in the event. There were 10+ participating NGO’s as a part of the Joy of the Giving week. Some of them being Salaam Baalak, Annamrita (from ISKCON),Family Planning Association of India.


The Engio groups are as follows :-
FPAI – Part 1
Yashbeer Singh, Sumit Menon, Pankaj Mishra, Chinmay Despande
Salaam Baalak
Satej Sawant, Krishna Mohan Singh, Rishit Parekh, Jenny Mandy
Gareth D’souza, Malcom Vaz, Erwin Palani, Rishi Srivastava, Rohaan Sayed, Lavita Nadar, Alvita Sequeira
Sharik Baig, Naveen D’souza, Ravi Chaurasiya, Prashant Sonawane, Pallavi Patil
Payal Kadam, Neha Natarajan, Amruthavarshini Iyer, Navnita Singh, Pritam Patil, Ajit Varghese
Rahul Divekar, Yogesh Maurya, Shivani Shinde, Pamela Mathias, Cleaton Pais


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