Month: December 2018

Web Development Workshop

The HTML,CSS & JS workshop was conducted by ACM for the students of S.E and FE Comps, IT and EXTC on 29th September 2018. Prior to the workshop Sublime Text was installed by the volunteers in the PCs present at the computer centre to ensure smooth functioning on the day of the workshop. The workshop

Web Development Training

The Web Development Training Workshop was conducted by Mr. Haramrit Singh Khurana and held on 30th August 2018. The purpose of this workshop was to train the ACM core team members to conduct a student friendly beginner web development workshop for the first-year students, which would serve as a pre-requisite for the more advanced ReactJS

Photoshop Training

The Workshop for training the design team was organized by ACM and held on 21st August 2018.   The purpose of the workshop was to impart knowledge of Photoshop to the ACM design team who would in turn use that knowledge to create posters for various events throughout the year. The workshop was taken by