FlockFlair Freelancing
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An Initiative by ACM Student Chapter of
Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai

About Us

You name it, We make it

We from Flockflair are an initiative from the student chapter of ACM-DBIT. We are passionate about helping others succeed in their goals with improving effectiveness.

We have extensive experience in programming and continue to expand our knowledge in the field. Our services will make you feel completely satisfied with the end product with 100% satisfaction. As we always say "You name it, We make it".

  • Team of Engineering Students.
  • Dedicated and Passionate.
  • Flexible and Agile to the Project we take.


We at FlockFlair give much importance in developing our skills and increasing the domain of knowledge.

Web Development

Our team has very talented developers who have experience in various institute level and higher level projects even for university level as well.

Wix Websites

We also have a good experience in making quick websites on Wix platform for customers with urgent need for a website.

Wordpress Development

We can also develop websites for cutomers with limited technology knowledge using Wordpress so as to make it easy to manage.


We have students well versed with various languages like C/C++/Python/Java and many more and can work for a wide range of projects.

Unity Development

We have developed multiple games using Unity Engine and have deployed them on Playstore under our Gaming Studio "Teknack".

Graphic Design

We have creative designers who can make amazing logo designs, posters and other graphic content. Give us freedom and you get amazing designs.

Why choose us?

Choosing someone for your task is in itself a BIG TASK.

The only question that you could be thinking of “WHY THEM?”. So below we have listed three important and essential reasons on why us? And not Mr. Professional

Value for Money

We provide the best services at a very low and reasonable pricing. Hence if you have a fairly low budget to spend on your projects, then we are the go to choice.

Team of Diversity

Getting different people for different tasks can be a hefty work, but here we have team members who have expertise and experience in a diverse sea of topics and hence we can collaborate together to cover up a large domain of tools and skills required for your precious projects.

Enthusiastic minds

Flockflair is a culmination of enthusiastic minds who want to challenge ourselves with everything we have. There will be no shortage in determination, hardwork and excitement while we work on your projects.

  • We assure our clients that we will be providing them with best services and fulfil their expectations.
  • Working closely with clients to know about their requirements.
  • Members of the team make high quality decisions together.
  • Our prices are competitive and fair.
  • Communicates and provides feedback to client’s needs and requirements.
  • It’s our attention to the small stuff, scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the rest.

Our Portfolio

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Our Passionate and Dedicated Team

Grejo Joby

Grejo Joby

Hayden Cordeiro

Hayden Cordeiro

Vice Head
Ruvin Rodrigues

Ruvin Rodrigues

Head of Operations
Ruvin Rodrigues

Siddharth Dhaigude

Tech Lead