Teknack 2023 Winners

Best Game UI

Burnout Blitz

Umera Sheikh, Atharva Patel

Best GamePlay

Skyline Blitz

Nashrah Ansari, Andrea Fernandes

Best Game Concept

The Lone Bot

Gaurav Samanta

People's Choice


Madhavi Purohit, Sanika Chaudhari, Crezel Mendonca
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What We do?

Teknack is one of the amazing battlefields provided by ACM for students of not just DBIT but also of other colleges to boost up their creative skills and pump up their technical skills by amalgamating with newer ideas and facts to build up Games that give the players an experience that would last with them forever

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Training and Guidance

We teach and train the students to develop mobile games using the Unity Engine. We guide them throughout the journey from ideation to release of the game.


Unity Development

The games are developed using the Unity Engine. Developers get hands-on experience on the platform through their journey of development.


Gaming Events and Fest

We also host an annual fest named "Teknack" every year and during this fest, the games are published on Google Play Store and various awards are declared for the developers. Also we keep gaming events as part of the fest to inculcate a gaming culture.


Publishing Games on Play Store

The games developed by the students are published on Google Play Store under the banner of Teknack. This provides them a platform to showcase their talents and bring out to the world, their creativity and technical skills.

Wide range of games developed by our aspiring Game Developers.

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*As of 10th July, 2023